Wednesday, September 22, 2010

C is for Christmas Cupcake!

I haven't used many digi's in the past.  I think I didn't like them because my printer ink seemed to bleed.  Through the advice of my many blogging pals, I found that my paper was the problem, not my printer.  So, I tried some paper that was higher quality than I had previously used.  Voila - wouldn't you know - I LOVE DIGI'S now!!!!

Nikki at Limited Runs Stamps has some great digi's.  This happens to be one of them!

What do you think?

I'm bummed that you can't see all the lovely glitter. 

Thanks for stopping by!


Sharon said...

Cute card. I love the digi. Hopefully I can participate in tomorrows challenge. Have you seen my latest Halloween card? Hugs

Nikki said...

Your Cupcake looks fantastic and I think your card is adorable. You should try a side shot to get the sparkles to show up :)
hugs Nikki