Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday 0002

This week's challenge is very broad.  Have tons of fun with this one!

Thoughtful Thursday 0002 - create a holiday card using NO stamps on the outside.

Here is mine:

I 'lifted' it but can't remember from where.  So, unfortunately I can't give them any credit.  I can tell you it was another angel.  So, if you've seen this somewhere before let me know who it belonged to first so that I can give them credit.

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I hope your Thursday is thankful as well as thoughtful!

Have a fantastic holiday!


Sharon said...
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Sharon said...

Hi Suzanne. I think Mr Linky is on the Fritz. I added myself to it but it did not show up. Here is my card in case it never shows up...

Sharon said...

Oooops....I guess I missed the 'holiday" part. Sorry

lisa808 said...

Cute Santa card.