Friday, February 26, 2010

Paper hoarding!

So, while going through my hoards of paper, I found some that I don't remember even buying.  Pathetic I know.  My only defense is that when I see a great clearance sale - I stock up.

Today's post is from one of those clearanced paper packs!

Oh, I almost forgot!  This image is from squigglefly.  I believe it is called flower girl.  I won it in Maria's challenge.  My only problem with digi stamps is that my printer ink bleeds - any suggestions?

Tomorrow's post is going to be for Barb's challenge over at Haunted Design House.  It called for Asian Gothic or Dark!  Well, Asian is definitely something that I 'thought' I had none of.  Boy, I was wrong.  I found a whole paper pack unopened I might add, called 'Zen Garden'.  It's a good thing that I decided to quit hoarding right?!

Hope you had a fabulous Friday!

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debb said...

I am a hoarder also, sigh... And I can not resist a sale either... it's a bad combo LOL! I am sending you an email about paper....