Friday, January 22, 2010


Today, I'm participating in Barb's Macabre Monday challenge #022!  Fallen angel is the theme. 

I'm suppose to create a Halloween card but I'll lose it by the time Halloween rolls around again.  So, I thought I'd follow the theme but do non-Halloween.  I don't know if this makes me eligible or not but the prize isn't what's important to me.

Do you remember those means kids in school that use to pick the wings off of all the bugs?  Guess what happened to this poor angel?  (Technically, I think she is a fairy - hey she had wings!)

No, the card is NOT upside down.  She is just taking a nose dive.  It's really hard to fly with only one wing.  Wish you could see the bling!

Don't forget to participate in my Thoughtful Thursday challenge.  There are some great prizes.  Just have your link up by Wednesday @ noon.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Alex said...

I think you did a great card! FUN!

Patti J said...

Very cute card, Suzanne! I'd give you an A!!!

Barb said...

LOL! This is such a fun card, Suzanne... I've had days like this :) Thanks so much for playing along with Macabre Monday!

charli said...

uh, oh...I'm sensing a crash in her the card!

Maria Matter said...

oh too fun Suzanne!
haven't we all had days like this? lol that's when I get the glitter out and dust myself a litte! lol
have a super day!

blessings, maria

Anonymous said...

Great fun. Made me smile. I think your card is totally perfect for chearing up somebody who had a rough day.
I put some foam under my screen so she won't crush ;-)

Dale & Barb Harper said...

this is a very simple, but gets the point across...Cute