Friday, November 6, 2009

Cricut lovelies

A good friend of mine is going to have her first child in April.  Her friends are all overjoyed and are buying her gifts all ready.  So, I've been nominated to design some thank you cards.  Of course, she's going to have a girl so girlie it is!!!!

I used the Cricut to make some really fast and easy thank yous.  Then, I took my time and made some more challenging cards.  The more challenging ones are located on my other blog

Here are the easy ones!!

I gave her the two in the top picture.  The others I hope to surprise her with closer to her due date.  I'm sure that she will need more thank yous. 

Sorry I've been out of touch for a while.  The PTO is having a Fall BBQ and Bazaar at the school on November 19th and I'm in charge of the vendor side.  So, I've been super busy drawing up an outline of where tables will be located and finding vendors.  We had hoped to find enough vendors for 20 tables and now we have 22 vendors using 25 tables and more keep requesting to participate.  With the help of our great PTO president, we figured out more locations to put about 8 more tables.  So, we may end up with 30 vendors!!!  It's quite incredible.  Plus, I'm one of the vendors!  So, I've been designing cards like a madwoman with no time to post them to either blog.  I'm caught up now.  So, you should see more regular posting from me until we have the holiday shoppe!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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